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When it comes to shampoo bars, Proud Mary is in a league of her own. Having researched, experimented and tested, I've come up with 2 beautiful formulas. The first is my luxury Shampoo brand. I have different varieties from chamomile to rhubarb but the formula remains the same. I use a mixture of specialist oils and coconut oil to create a bubbly lather you'll love.

My second formula is based on ancient Aryuvedic medicine so does not involve the chemistry of mixing lye water to fats. Instead I keep all my fats such as coconut oil, mango and shea butters and a mix of Indian soapnuts. Soapnuts are ground into a brown powder and when combined with warm water create a creamy lather. Similar to the henna plant, this mix will bring radiance, shine and nourishment to  frizzy, fine or over processed hair. Note: This will not dye or discolour your hair. 

Other uses:An amazing body wash bar to add moisture to your skin and a beautiful afterscent. 

Aryruvedic Bar


Chamomile Shampoo bar


Double up! 2xShampoo & 2xConditioner Combo


Rhubarb and custard XL shampoo bar


Shampoo Trio:Aryuvedic, Luxury shampoo & conditioner

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