Monday 4th January 2021

Nothing like the start of the new year to make way for new habits or, perhaps return to healthier ones! January is the perfect time to re-evaluate how our skin is doing. It is true that our skin gets most of its nutrition from the inside and this means that when we eat, our bodies process what we give in terms of nutrition and our skin is the very last stop on the gravy train! That's why skin experts recommend that we look after our skin(and hair!) by avoiding too much alcohol and not smoking,  eating a varied & tailored nutrient rich diet. Good sleep, regular exercise(to improve blood flow) and the right skin care will help you maintain your skin in top condition for as long as possible. Before we go any further, I want to stress that there is  beauty to every age. I am now in my mid 40s and looking after my skin has become a greater priority, and a pleasure! I do prioritise my skincare routine and this is a daily habit like brushing my teeth. I wanted to make more space in our tiny bathroom so I thought of ways to remove the different plastic bottles used to store liquid face washes, cream cleansers and exfoliants( don't get me started on microbeeds!). I became inspired to design an effective facial cleanser that was really good for your skin AND with zero plastic packaging. The results were two fabulous make up remover and face wash bars and one fantastic Papaya facial scrub bar!

My Honey-Bee and Vegan facebars were the first soaps I ever made purely for my personal need and I was amazed at people's compliments to my skin. Both bars are made with  2% evening primrose oil and vitamin E to soothe and nourish dry skin. The beeswax version adds an incredible layer of protection and repair. As time went on, I was still needing something to tackle my occasional hormonal breakouts(jawline, neck, chest) as well as my newly obvious hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation can be a big problem for men and women, in particular those of latino/indegenous american and Afro-Caribbean descent but it can affect anyone of any skin colour. My forehead, cheeks and around my eyes are hyperpigmented which is quite obvious in the summer. My Papaya face scrub is the ideal face and body bar to tackle this issue. I experimented with 3 different recipes(2 Jamaican and 1 Goan) and this is the result I prefer. I make my bars for sensitive/reactive skin as mine is hyper-sensitive, so I'm very happy with the results.

Although it cannot make the 'stains'on my forehead, cheeks and eyelids disappear entirely, I can see that with regular use, my skin's tone is much better and spots are so much less obvious to the naked eye.  I compliment this treatment with a homemade Kojic Acid face cream. I use shea butter, coconut oil, neem oil and 2% kojic di-palmitate recipe from Japan that works wonders. Each jar lasts 1 week as Kijoc acid cannot survive any longer. It is sourced from fermented rice and safe in small quantities for many skin care conditions including acne, so this bar will be great for removing blackheads and sweat-spots(don't squeeze please!) . I will write a post about this excellent cream for you to re-create at home for yourself shortly. So, from Japan we're back in Jamaica where papaya and coconut go so well. If you add papaya fruit extract and a heap of dried papaya skins, you have an amazing face and body exfoliant with ZERO IMPACT on our Earth and oceans! Hurray! 

You can find it here on my website.