Non-Transition Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Luxurious Shampoo bars!

Swapping from liquid & plastic bottles to solid shampoo and conditioner has never been easier especially with Proud Mary's luxurious range. No cheating here, Proud Mary ONLY puts in what your hair needs and at a fair price. Lovingly made in small batches  ensuring a quality product. Vegan and sulphate free. Just great ingredients. Our bar is the best in the market today. 

How to use our shampoo bar:

Instructions :Wet the bar and create a thick bubbly lather by rubbing the bar between your fingers. 

Transfer the lather over to scalp and work through hair. Rinse and repeat. Follow up, if needed with one of our Small and Mighty conditioner cubes. 

Beer Formula Shampoo Bar!Sold out


Chamomile Shampoo bar


LIQUID GOLD shampoo base


Rhubarb and Custard Shampoo bar


Small & Mighty Conditioner Cubes!


Sophisticated Sandalwood Shampoo


Tea Tree and Lemongrass Luxury Shampoo Bar!