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Luxurious Shampoo bars & mighty Conditioner cubes

Swapping from liquid & plastic bottles to solid shampoo and conditioner has never been easier especially with Proud Mary's luxurious range. No cheating here, Proud Mary ONLY puts in what your hair needs at a fair price. Lovingly made in small batches  ensuring a quality product. Vegan and sulphuite free. Just great ingredients. 

Having researched, experimented and tested, Proud Mary has come up with 2 beautiful formulas. 

Proud Mary's Original Luxury shampoo 

A formula that delivers on bubbles & luscious lather while claryfying and nourishing your scalp and hair.  Made with a base of coconut oil and fine lightweight oils that leave a squeaky clean feel. These bars pair beautifully with any of Proud Mary's conditioner cubes.  Choose from  varieties like rhubarb & custard,  chamomile  or  beer for added vitamins. 

BENEFITS: A no transition formula great for all hair types. Can take added conditioner/hair styling products. 

Proud Mary's Aryuvedic Shampoo & bodywash.

This formula is based on ancient Aryuvedic medicine so does not use the chemistry of mixing lye water to fats to create saponification. Instead all my butters are blended with a variety of soapnuts. Soapnuts are ground into a brown powder and when combined with warm water create a creamy  lather.  Naturally occurring saponification happens this way and when mixed with essential oils, produces a cleansing and nourishing effect on the hair and body. These bars can be used as body wash and/or as shampoo. 

BENEFITS: Soapnuts such as the chestnut are relatives to the henna plant & this mix will bring radiance, shine and nourishment to frizzy, fine or over processed hair.This will not dye or discolour your hair. Brings shine to grey hair.

Proud Mary's Conditioner cubes 

All the benefits of soothing oils and butters to soften, strengthen and repair hair. Superconcentrated so you control where you need more or less care. Simply wet the bar in warm water to activate the conditioning and slide throughout your hair and scalp as needed. Rinse thoroughly.

Care: Keep your soaps and cubes away from heat and standing water. 

Double up! 2xShampoo & 2xConditioner Combo


Rhubarb and custard XL shampoo bar


Shampoo Trio: Deeply Nourishing Shampoo & body bar, Luxury shampoo bar & conditioner cube

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