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Proud Mary's coconut oil based formula uses added essential oils like lavender, rosemary, niaouli and tea tree to give extra cleansing & antibacterial benefits to these soaps.

Lavender & Fresh linen  A timeless favourite thanks to it's clean and soothing smell. This white opaque bar of soap is ideal for hands, body and can be shredded and used to wash delicates or used as an all purpose soap when camping or when travelling. 

Lavender-Patchouli  British grown lavender and rosemary essential oils blended  with the intoxicating scent of patchouli give you Proud Mary's favourite scent. There's nothing quite like closing your eyes and taking in this bar's beautiful bouquet. Varieties like Cornish Dream and Camping under the Cornish sky give you a clue about Mary's favourite spots and are decorated with a variety of patterns and shapes.

 Lavender & Tea tree , Lavender & Niaouli  are also varieties found here and are also antiseptic, antibacterial and antiinflamatory propoerties derived from the essential oils milder scent. Some may include sls free melt & pour shapes.

Camping under the Cornish Moon


Lavender and Fresh Linen soap


Super Sisal Bag


Tea tree and lavender soap